Old Age Home for Senior Citizen in Mulund | Recovery Home for Bedridden Patients

The Banyan Tree International Geriatric Care & Recovery Home

Sai Arogya charitable Trust was Established in the year 2010 to promote health & wellness in society and is currently running various activities to promote health care projects, like Diabetes free India Movements, forest restoration, free medical camps, and Seminars. In the current pandemic situations Globally the demand for trained medical professional has increased many folds.

Being the responsible organization SAI AROGYA CHARITABLE TRUST has take the initiatives to serve the elderly people and started The Banyan Tree International Geriatric Care centre & Recovery Home.

THE BANYAN TREE is representing the divine creator & Symbolizing longevity. Also it is known Healing Tree...

The Banyan Tree International Geriatric (Elder) Care is a community of elders and people who love & care for them. The aged are the heart of the community. WE secure, simlify, and envelope their lives in increase happiness and make them feel at Home.

Elderly People are integral part of our society aspiring care and attention like any other section. however, due to changing family structure and urbanization, elderly people are facing challenged to live a quality oriented Life...

We are on a Mission "To empower Seniors and care givers lead happy and dignified Life" we are here to deliver long term, innovative and meaningful solution to Geriatric Care challenged faced by families in metro cities across the WORLD including our mother INDIA.

We as human, cannot prevent ageing . it is a part of life. Your parents are growing old, but their wellbeing remains your biggest priotity, and even though you are worlds a part, they are always in your heart. Are They safe? Are they well? Are they able to manage themselves without you by their side?

These are the questions we want to answer because we have there just like you. we want the answers to make us happy knowing that our parents are well & Loved.

WHY THE BANYAN TREE INTERNATIONAL GERIATRIC CARE & RECOVERY HOME The Banyan tree exist to provide love, care, compassion and security yours elderly parents and loved ones need. we want you to know that we are here and giving them every things they deserve, while you are far away with our care.

  • Takle the loss of independence.
  • Have a safe abode.
  • Maintain their mental and physical health.
  • Be friends with people of their age.
  • Find increased social interaction.
  • Have the family they are missing.
  • Improve the quality of life.
  • Share a meaningful relationships

We provide various services to the patients, including counselling and post health care Recovery home is a unique concept first time in India where we provide world class health care management to help the patient in his/ her recovery. It is a bridge between hospital to your home. If the patients medical condition is very complex & requires coordination of many services for the post management recovery. we are here to provide you with utmost excellence services. when patient gets discharged, they need Specialized Care that is designed to meet the needs & Requirements of individuals.

If you or your loved one is over the aged and has one or more of the following conditions.
  • Multiple medical problems & Taking multiple medications.
  • Difficulty in performing routine activities & history of recurrent falls or a fear of falling.
  • Memory problems, difficulty in walking, imbalance, dizziness, constipation, constant pain.
  • Recurrent urinary problems, weight loss, loss of appetite.
  • Cancer and palliation our services.
  • Health care services.
  • Health care Assistance.
  • Personal Elderly care.
  • Ambulance services.
  • Physiotherapy .
  • 24/7 care with compassion & Love

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