Ayurveda Treatment Centers for joint pain/back pain and massage Mulund Mumbai

3 Days Program (Diabetes Reversal Program)

Diabetes Reversal 3 day workshop is conducted every month. These workshops are organized in Hotels / Resorts / Halls / Corporate Companies/ Offices etc. anywhere in India. Dr. Sandeep Singh along with his team conducts various therapies which leads to reversing diabetes and helps you start leaving a normal healthy life.

Experience the healing power of Ayurveda with our three-day program at Sai Arogya Charitable Trust. Our centers in Mumbai specialize in Ayurvedic treatment for joint and back pain, using a combination of traditional therapies and massages to alleviate pain and promote overall wellness. Our expert Ayurvedic practitioners provide personalized treatment plans, including Ayurvedic massage in Mulund, to help you achieve optimal health and comfort. Whether you're dealing with chronic joint pain or back pain, our three-day program can help you find the relief you need.

Pre Treatment Program
  • Consultation Form / Online Consultation Form should be filled by you with all old reports and medication details.
  • Our Medical Panel will analyse the reports and will suggest whether you are fit/eligible for the program or not.
  • Our Medical Team will contact you and advice the further Process.
  • A pre-treatment Medical Kit will be provided to the Patients.

Program Details:
  • This Program will start in the morning 6 am with routine checkup by our Team of Doctor. (Like Blood Sugar & Blood Pressure)
  • We will perform Physical Activities like Yoga, Prananayam, Exercise and Meditation according to advice by the Medical Team.
  • Followed by Breakfast according to your inputs given in the Daily Diet and Medication form.
  • Scientific Knowledge Session (Part 1) will be conducted by the doctor.
  • As Advised by the Doctor, Small Tiffin will be given to the patient.
  • Then we will take a break for lunch, where every patient will be given a food according to his/her medical report.
  • Medical Team will check the Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure of the Patient.
  • Games & Recreation Activities will be performed outdoor with Sun Gazing Treatment.
  • We will have a small Tea Break, where a herbal tea will be served to the patients.
  • All your queries will be answered in this Knowledge Session.
  • Exhoutic Juices will be served to the patients.
  • Detoxification Treatment (As per Appointment) will be carried out simultaneously apart from Group Activities.
  • In the evening, we will serve Dinner to the Patients according to the Medical Reports.
  • A small session of Entertainment will be there.
  • Cooking Classes (How to make Healthy Food) will be conducted on last day.

Post Treatment Program
  • Easy to follow Diet Plan will be given by our Medical Experts.
  • Small Session on Do & Don't for Reversing Diabetes will be given by Doctor.
  • Twice a week our Medical Team will Keep a watch on your Parameters according to your Medical Reports.

Program Kit Details
You will get free kit in this package, it will include the below items.
  • T-Shirts
  • Bags
  • Recipe
  • Parameter Charts
  • Glucometer
  • Free Membership of Diabetic Free India Moment

Duration :- 72 hours.
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